Facebook Accounts Ukraine | Handmade | Manual farm 3-5 days | Added BM PZRD. Verified by email. Ads policy has been accepted | 2FA | [PVA] Verified by SMS and email. Number removed. Email is in set | Access token (EAAB), Useragent and Cookies is in set | Selfie and Docs is in set | Fan-Page, 2-4 photos , 5-20 friends is added | Registered with UA IP

1 pcs
Price per 1 pcs 3.00 $


  • Facebook account was registered manually with a Ukrainian IP.
  • Verified by SMS. The number has been removed.
  • Verified by email, email is in the set.
  • Added BM Passed ZRD. BM verified by email.
  • Added Fan-Page (FP) new type. Filled with a neutral theme. 2 posts inside.
  • Manual farming 3-5 days.
  • Profiles has 2-4 social profile photos, 2-4 subscriptions to groups, 2-5 subscriptions to pages.
  • Added 5-20 friends.
  • Ads policy has been accepted.
  • Access token (EAAB), Useragent and Cookies (Json) included.
  • Selfie and docks for passing checks included.
  • 2FA added.

Logging in account only with a cookies and private IP proxies of country registration.

Otherwise there is noreplacements or refunds in this case.

Format of accounts:

  • Login|Password|Email|Email_password|First_name|Last_name|Birth_date|Link_Id|Access_Token|Cookies|UserAgent|2FA|Docs


Account validity is verified using profile id (https://www.facebook.com/ID)

Example https://www.facebook.com/10004275343115

After you log in, there is no replacement.

- How can you use accounts with cookies: Cookie.

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