Facebook Business Manager | Addeed BM + Ads Campaign | Daily limit BM $50. Currency $. Administrator access | Added 2 admin links | No marketplace | Any Geo | Read the description

8 pcs
Price per 1 pcs 0.58 $


An invitation to Facebook Business Manager. Daily limit  50$. Not an account.

Created Advertising Account (Currency $) + 2 Links. Administrator rights.  

Includes 2 links and BM ID. Admin access.

No marketplace.

You receive a link (invitation); go over it; enter a random first name, last name; enter your social password account. And you can immediately upload ads.

Attention: Before the paid first billing, the daily spend of the Advertising Campaign may differ from the BM limit (this limitation is made by FB in order to avoid unfair advertising).

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Attention. Important information:

Last click on the link and accepted an invitation to your account no refunds are provided. Replacements only if you checked BM by id.

Therefore, observe the following recommendations and punitive sanctions from facebook can be avoided:

- Use one IP for one account.

- Use different devices, UserAgent, browsers.

- Before entering, clean cookies.

- Do not violate the limits of the service.

- Preferably using an account with a history.



Use high-quality proxies to log in.

Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.