Facebook Accounts King + 5 advertising cabinets USA | Manual farm by interests 10+ days | Professional mode activated | 2FA | [PVA] Verified by SMS and email. Number removed. Email is in set | Access token (EAAB), Useragent, Cookies is in set | Photos for passing Selfies check and documents for passing ads ban included | Added 1-2 Fan-Pages new type | Added avatar, photos, 5-100 friends | Registered with USA IP

20 pcs
Price per 1 pcs 7.94 $


  • The Facebook accounts are registered with mobile 5G USA.
  • Added 5 advertising accounts, not counting the advertising cabinet king.
  • Verified by email, email included.
  • Verified by SMS. Number has been removed.
  • Registration and all actions on the accounts were carried out from the ip of USA.
  • Created business manager (BM) and verified by email.
  • 1-2 new type Fan Pages (FP) have been created and partially filled.
  • Manual farming of accounts from 10 days. Posts, likes, correspondence, friends, groups.
  • Interaction with advertising, activity outside of FB, registration through FB on websites.
  • Interests have been farmed (a large number of interests in each profile).
  • An avatar and photos have been added to the profile.
  • Added 5-100 friends.
  • Includes photo for selfie, docks for passed ads ban (95% cross-country ability).
  • Professional mode are activated.
  • Access token (EAAB), Useragent and Cookies included. Cookies in JSON format.
  • Gender Female.
  • Added 2FA authorization.

Log into accounts strictly from the IP of the country of registration and with Cookies. There are no replacements or refunds otherwise.

A non-working Access token is not a reason to replace and refunds.

Format of accounts:

  • USA|Login:Password:Email:Email_password|Birthday|Name|Fb_profile_ID|FP_ID|Selfie|Docks|Access_Token|Cookie|UserAgent|2FA


Account validity is verified using profile id (https://www.facebook.com/ID)

Example https://www.facebook.com/10004275343115

After you log in, there is no replacement.

Basic activity is activity in the main areas, such as liking, scrolling, joining groups, commenting, posting, viewing content and other activities performed based on the account's predetermined interest. Accounts may contain correspondence with other users.

  • Activity outside of facebook - this is activity within which, up to 450 sites with a pixel were visited in 7 days of farming to form a user portrait and strengthen his status "live user" On some of the visited sites, registrations and authorization.
  • An important stage of preparation is the orientation of the account for subsequent advertising activities. For this, 2 FPs are created, a regular one and a new one. Also BM. A little preparation is done on the FP, an avatar is set and a post is created.
  • In the process of work, a selfie on accounts is also taken, if it occurs. Friends are added, their number can reach up to 100. Some accounts may not have friends, because fb does not offer to add them.
  • On the last day, all advertising tools of the accounts are checked again, the token and cookies are retrieved, which include the full cookies of third-party sites.

As a result, we get high-quality, prepared and focused on working with advertising accounts. Where BM and FP were created.

How can you use accounts with cookies: Cookie.

Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.

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To get started, buy 1-2 accounts for testing to make sure they are good for you.