Twitter Accounts Russia | Verified by email Email is in set, email may not work | Added 50 subscribers | Useragent, Cookies (Base64) is in set | A profile picture, bio, name is added | Female and male gender | Registered with RU IP

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  • The Twitter accounts are registered automatically.
  • Verified by e-mail, e-mail is included in the set. E-mail may not work.
  • Female and male gender.
  • Added 50 subscribers.
  • Accounts are registered in IP addresses of Russia.
  • A profile picture, bio, name is added.
  •  Useragent, Cookies (Base64) included.   How can you use accounts with cookies: Cookie.

  • Format of accounts:


    If you see a mail with a "+" symbol in the purchased account, for example:, then this is the mail that you must specify on Twitter (if required), but if you want to enter this mail, the format will be like this - (that is, you need to remove the "+ and characters after it" before @)


    Account validity is verified using profile login (


    After you log in, there is no replacement.

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