Accounts Facebook King with 2 Fan-Pages Ukraine | 2FA | [PVA] The accounts are verified by SMS and email. Number removed. Email is in set | Useragent, Cookies is in set | Photos for passing Selfies and documents for passing the ZRD (ads ban) included | Added 10 photos. FP has many posts | Manual farm 21+ days. Farm interests. Aged 2+ month | 100-150 friends | Accounts are registered with Ukraine IP

3 pcs
Price per 1 pcs 13.5000 $


  • Facebook account registered with mobile Ukraine IP.  
  • Verified by email, email is in the set.
  •  [PVA] The accounts are verified by SMS. Number removed. 
  • Photos and docks for passing checks included.
  • 2 Fan Page (FP) was createdFP has posts.
  • Very powerful external farm 21+ days + farmed interests. 100+ actions outside FB, a lot of ads in the feed.
  • Useragent and Cookies (Json) included.  
  • The profile has 10+ pfotos. 
  • Added 100-150 friends.
  • Table with data (2FA key for the Google Authificator extension, login, password from the account and login password from the mail)

  • We make replacements if:

    1. The account flew to a phone check that cannot be passed.

    2. The account was banned in the first 2 hours.

    3. If your account crashed on a selfie and you didn't manage to pass it, we make a replacement.

    We recommend logging in facebok account only with a cookies and Ukraine private IP proxies. otherwise there is noreplacements or refunds in this case.

    Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.

    To get started, buy few Facebook accounts for testing to make sure they are good for you.

    - How can I use accounts with cookies: Cookies.