Accounts Facebook Ukraine | PZRD+ (Passed Ads ban) | Handmade, 6+ month aged, 10+ days manual farm | [PVA] The accounts are verified by SMS | Access token (EAAB), Useragent, Cookies is in set | A fan-page, profile picture, photos is added | Accounts are registered in IP addresses of Ukraine

3 pcs
Price per 1 pcs 9.0500 $


  • The Facebook accounts are registered manuallyAccount password at the end of the line
  • [PVA] The accounts are verified by SMS. 
  • Registration and all actions on the accounts were carried out from the ip of Ukraine.
  • Fan-Page is added.
  • Advertising activity is UNLOCKED and ready to work. (PZRD+).
  • Account names in Cyrillic.
  • Additional photos has been added to the profile.
  • 6+month old. External and internal farming for 10-12 days. Ads in the feed.
  • Access token (EAAB), Useragent and cookies included. Cookies in JSON format.

  • Attention! Accounts can be Russian. If the account is defined as Russian, transfer it to the king, after which it will be possible to run ads. THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT IN THIS CASE! DISKS ABOUT PZRD COULD BE DISAPPEARED DUE TO THE LIMITATION DATE.

    Log into accounts only with the proxy of the country of registration! Otherwise, there will be an error with the password, although the password is correct. There are no replacements and refunds in this case.

    Due to the increased incidence of scams, the time to check accounts after purchase is 30 minutes. After that, there are no replacements or refunds. Buy the quantity that you can check in the near future. Hope for your understanding.

    If the account you bought is invalid - you don't need to send it to unlock, write to support. otherwise there will be no replacement

    If the account is invalid, then the account must be sent to support in the format in which the store gave you.

    If there is no green plate, then look at the notifications, or a letter from FB in the mail. There you will see that there was a ban on advertising activities. Also, for each account in the kit there is a screen of the advertising campaign, about the fact that the ZRD has been completed. The absence of a plate is not a guarantee of replacement.

    Format of accounts:



    Account validity is verified using profile id (


    After you log in, there is no replacement.

    - There has been a long stay until now, before the start of processing accounts.

    - The accounts have been subjected to a 10-12 day warm-up and preparation aimed at increasing facebook's credibility. This includes 10-12 farming sessions corresponding to the average time spent by a new social network user. As a pharming strategy, minimal activity and interaction with content was chosen, but for a long period of up to 12 days.

    - At the first stage, additional photos are added to the accounts and careful interaction with the content is carried out through likes.

    - After the first stages of user activity, the account is familiarized with advertising tools and the ZRD is called according to its own scheme. Then a ban pass is initiated, after which farming continues.

    - In parallel with this, activity outside of facebook is performed. The main efforts are aimed at preparing an account by external farming. This includes surfing various sites that exchange information with FB, as well as authorization on some of them.

    - How can you use accounts with cookies: Cookie.

    Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.

    To get started, buy few Facebook accounts for testing to make sure they are good for you.