Accounts Linkedin | Handmade | Verified by email | 2+ weeks old | Profile is filled | Added 25+ Friends | Gender female and male | Reg. US IP | Read the description

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  • Accounts are registered manually, aged for at least 2 weeks. Strong.
  • Verified by email
  • Profiles are fully filled (all star) and ready to go.
  • Added 25+ friends. No posts
  • It is advisable to use high quality USA proxies and set the appropriate system time. Location california.
  • The gender of the accounts can be either male or female (in any proportion).
  • American profiles. proxy is not included.
  • Accounts were not used anywhere. 
  • No replacements and refunds.

We recommend logging in using only a USA  IP address.  

Format of accounts:

Gender: Bot link: Login ldn: Password ldn: EMail: password

Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.

To get started, buy few accounts for testing to make sure they are good for you.