Accounts Telegram | Desktop (format TDATA) | Registered to russian numbers(+7) | 2+ month old | TDATA, API, HASH, zpprofile is in the set | Gender: MIX | A profile picture and instructions is added | Female and male gender | Accounts are registered with Russian mobile IP.

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Registered to the numbers of the Russian Federation (+7).

TDATA, API, HASH, zpprofile is in the set.

2+ month old.

Telegram accounts are generated in the portable version (tdata) .

The gender of the accounts is male and female (in any proportion).

Avatar is added to the profile. i

2-fa authorization included.

Russian names.

Instruction l is included in the set.

Format of accounts:

Download link

included: (TDATA, API, HASH, zpprofile, instruction)

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To get started, buy few Telegram accounts for testing to make sure they are good for you.



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