Accounts Facebook Ukraine | BM added | 2FA+ | Verified by Email address is in set | Access token (EAABs), Useragent, Cookies is in set | Farm 2+ days. Profile is filled. Profile picture, 1-2 posts is added | Female gender | Accounts are registered with Ukraine IP

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  • Accounts are registered with Ukraine IP.
  • Verified by, email included.
  • Business manager (BM) created.
  • AccessToken (EAABs), id, id fp, Useragent and cookies (Json) included.
  • Added an avatar, profile description, 1–2 posts added to the profile.
  • Female gender.
  • 2FA generation activated. 

     Format of accounts:



    We recommend logging in using only a Ukraine IP address. Otherwise, the account may be blocked. In this case, there will be no replacements.

    To log into your account, you need to go to the site and insert the code from the file there, after which you will be given a six-digit code at the end of your code and you insert it into Facebook and you're done.

    Account validity is verified using profile id (


    After you log in, there is no replacement.

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