Invitation Facebook with Business Manager | BM + FP Daily limit 250 $ | BM aged 1+ year | FP aged 1+ year | Advertising cabinet created, $ 50 limit | Verified by email | Administrator rights | MIX GEO | No marketplace | Read the description

8 pcs
Price per 1 pcs 5.01 $


Invitation to BM limit $ 250. its not account.

An advertising account has been created (for your own safety from bans).

Admin Access.

No marketplace.

Business Manager aged 1+ year. 

Fan-Page  aged 1+ year. 

Country MIX. Suitable for any GEO.

One invitation invitation to one BM. 

Format of accounts:

  • ID_BM/ limite / Date BM / admin_link_1 ; admin_link_1 / Currency /

the limit is $ 250, and sometimes in the panel you can see the limit of $ 50, this is normal, the actual per day will be $ 250, or after 1-2 payments it will become that.

This is a ready-made Business Manager Facebook. Transferred to your account.

Link example:


Attention. Important information:

Last click on the link and accepted an invitation to your account no refunds are provided.

For checking your purchase you can use the BM ID, which is attached to the purchase. One of the services to check:

Remember that the advertising campaign limit may differ from the bm limit!

Now bm and the advertising company have different limits. That is, the BM itself can be $250 and the advertising company on it is like $50, $250 or unlimited. Moreover, for 1 bm there can be several advertising campaigns with different limits!

There is a possibility of manual check of the BM in the event of a warranty case. If you delete our account, you lose this opportunity. (BM ban is not considered when issuing).

Therefore, observe the following recommendations and punitive sanctions from facebook can be avoided:

- Use one IP for one account.  Use high-quality proxies to log in.

- Use different devices, UserAgent, browsers.

- Before entering, clean cookies.

- Do not violate the limits of the service.

- Preferably using an account with a history.

How to use BM facebook link?

1. Log in to your FB account.

2. Follow the received link (Link1), then enter the first and last name and password of the FB account.

3. Done, you received BM ready for further work.

 Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.