Accounts Facebook with Fan-Page Ukraine | Added BM, links in set | Verified by SMS | Access Token (EAAB, EAAG), Useragent and Cookies is in set | Passed selfie | Profile is partially filled. Profile picture and friends is added | Farm 14+ days | Accounts are registered with real devices and Ukraine IP | Read the description

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  • Accounts are registered manually with IP addresses of  Ukraine. 
  • Aged more than 20+ days, farm 14+ days.
  • The accounts are verified by SMS.
  • Created business manager. links in set.
  • Сreated Fan-page (FP).
  • Access token (Eaab, Eaag), Useragent+ Cookies is in set. 
  • Passed selfie.
  • Profile is partially filled. Profile picture and friends is added.

  • Attention:

    You can login and use Facebook accounts only with cookies and a mobile Ukraine IP. In other cases, there are no replacements and refunds.

    Log in to accounts only using cookies, in other cases there are no replacements or refunds.

    Video instruction

    1. Before linking the card, we change all accounts.

    2. Before launching an advertising company, we change everything.

    3. If you can’t log into your account, then we make replacements, but we need an error screen.

    4. We change accounts within 24 hours from the date of purchase.

    4.  Check accounts before first login.

    Account validity is verified using profile fb id (


    After you login, there is no replacement.

    Format of accounts:

    Name:Login:Password:Email:ID_fb:Cookies:Access Token_eaab:Fan Page:UserAgent:Ads_ID:BM_ID:BM_token

    Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.

    To get started, buy few Facebook accounts for testing to make sure they are good for you.

    - How can I use accounts with cookies: Cookies.