Accounts Twitter USA 2014 | Handmade | [PVA] The accounts are verified by SMS and email | Added 0-100 subscribers | Profile is filled. Profile picture, cover, posts is added | Female or male gender | The name of the accounts uses the Latin alphabet | Accounts are registered in IP addresses of USA

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        Accounts registered manually with USA ip.

        Verified by SMS.

        Verified by Email.
        Account names in Latin (example: Mila Watson, Kara Sanchez, ...).

        The gender is female or male.

        The phone number is specified in the account settings.

        The profile is completely filled- an avatar, added a cover

        Added from 0 to 100 subscribers.

          Format of accounts:

          login:password:Username:number of subscribers:number of subscriptions


              1. Account validity is verified using profile login (


              After you log in, there is no replacement.


              2. At the first login, accounts may ask you to solve the recaptcha.