Pay by QIWI

To pay using QIWI
activate the free card in the personal account of your wallet,
get the details and pay for the purchase like any other Visa/Mastercard.
If for some reason this payment option does not suit you, then you can pay with a Visa / MasterCard bank card issued in any country in the world. Contact us at telegram- @hqaccs (clickable link Payment and receipt of accounts is carried out manually (commission 4%), and it may take some time.



1.  Login to your QIWI personal account, Go to the "QIWI Cards" tab


2.  Then activate the free card attached to the wallet and use it like any other usual Visa / Mastercard.


3. After activation, you will receive all the data for payment with a QIWI card: Number, date, CVV code.


4. Pay for your purchase in any way. 




5. Receive your order.