Terms of use


- The purchased goods are not refundable, except in cases of invalidity (if the account is blocked, deleted).

- Check the accounts immediately after purchase. If a problem occurs - invalid, blocked, etc. accounts, report immediately. After the indicated period the responsibility for the purchased goods lies on you and the goods cannot be exchanged or returned. The time to check the goods after purchase is 24 hours. Buy the amount of goods that you'll be able to check in the allotted time.

- Before buying ask all the questions to the support using specified contacts. If you were inattentive choosing a product and buying it, and then make a claim that this is not what you need or you wanted to buy and so on, remember that accounts can be exchanged only if they are invalid. The validity of accounts is checked by its id (example: https://www.facebook.com/ID) After you log in to your account, we do not make replacements. Because if you logged into your account, then the problem is most likely on your side (proxies, software, VPN, etc.) Therefore, check your accounts before logging in.

- All sales in our store are carried out only per customer.

- If you have any problems with the purchase, contact support and be sure to indicate the essence of the question and purchase data. The more detailed you state your problem/question, the faster we can solve it!



When using accounts it is FORBIDDEN:
- Use your home IP address.
- Use VPN services both paid and free.
- Use virtual machines, device emulators, VPS, VDS servers (only high-quality proxies);
- Use IPv6 - proxies, shared/public proxies.
- Log in 2 or more accounts using 1 device and 1 proxy.
Each account uses ONLY 1 private IPv4 proxy server and 1 new device (new UserAgent and/or cookies).


Remember that support service has the right to refuse solving the client's question and close the application without its resolving in case of inappropriate behavior.

Making a purchase in our store, you automatically accept present agreement "Rules and conditions of goods purchase." Ignorance of the rules and conditions of the goods purchase doesn't relieve you of liability to the established rules of the service.