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- How can you know when your favorite product was added to our store? It is enough to send the @SubscriberGoodsBot telegram bot a link to the product ( example: )
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Each service has its own characteristics, but we can give general recommendations.

The most important rule when using any account is quality proxies.

People spend time and money searching for proxies and this question is strictly individual.

Our store does not cooperate with proxy sellers and does not know which ones are better. Test and you will find what is right for you.smiley

When working with accounts, you should:

1) Use one IP for only one account.

2) Log in to your account with an individual private IPv4 proxy, because in this case only one person has access to this service through this proxy.

3) If you log in from one IP to several accounts, the chance increases that everyone can block.

4) We already wrote in our rules, but we consider it important and repeat this - you should not use Vpn (paid or free), also public proxies, packet proxies, shared proxy, IPv6. They are usually sold to several people at once.


And there is another important condition.

Use different devices to access your accounts.

If you enter several accounts from one device, then the chance of blocking these accounts is also great. Ideally, these are different computers, UserAgent, browsers.

Service limits.

If you follow all of the above recommendations, but at the same time you begin to actively use your account beyond measure (for example: sending 1,000 messages, 5,000 comments, 10,000 likes, 10,000 reposts), then the service will block you.

For some time, the usual routine actions in small quantities should be performed.

Limits and conditions are constantly changing. The hq-accounts store does not have accurate data in these matters.






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Good luck and best regards!