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How to find out about product restocking?

It is enough to send the @SubscriberGoodsBot telegram bot a link to the product (example: and when new accounts are replenished in the store, you will receive a notification!

Every service has its own peculiarities, but we can provide general recommendations that apply to the majority.

Before buying Facebook accounts or any other accounts, it's important to know that:


If you talk to people with enough experience and carefully read forums/chats dedicated to working with popular social networks, it becomes clear that this issue is quite acute.

People spend time and money searching for suitable proxies, and this issue is strictly individual. What works for one person may not work for another, and vice versa.

Our store does not collaborate with proxy sellers and does not know which ones are better. Test and you will find what suits you best.

When working with accounts, it is important to:

Log in to the account using an individual private IPv4 proxy, meaning that only one person has access to the service through this proxy.

Use one IP address for one account.

If you log in to multiple accounts from the same IP address, the chances of getting all of them blocked increase immediately.

We have already stated this in our rules, but we believe it is important to repeat - it is not recommended to use VPNs (both paid and free), public proxies, packet proxies, shared proxies, or IPv6. These types of proxies are usually sold to several people at once.

Another important condition is no less significant.


Similar to proxies - if you log into multiple accounts from one device, the chance of blocking the entire batch of accounts is also high.

Ideally, these should be different computers, UserAgents, and browsers.

We will not dwell on this point in detail - there is plenty of information and offers for specialized programs on the internet.


Even if you follow all of the above recommendations, but at the same time begin to excessively use your account (for example, sending 1000 messages, 5000 comments, 10000 likes, 10000 reposts), the service will almost certainly block you, as a typical user does not perform such actions, and your account will automatically fall under sanctions. For some time, you should perform ordinary routine actions in small quantities.

Limits and terms of use are constantly changing. The hq-accounts store does not have exact figures on these issues, so trying to find out from us is pointless. We only deal with high-quality registration, support for private software, the implementation of the latest trends in the registration process, the development of positions with new characteristics, and fresh services.

For the same reason, we do not provide consultation on everything related to mailings, advertising, arbitration, traffic leaks, spam, invitations, etc.

  1. We recommend logging in and using Facebook accounts only with an IP address from the country of registration. There are no replacements or refunds in other case.
  2. Before creating accounts with autofill, it is necessary to log in to them through an anti-detection browser, spend some time on them, and create activity. This significantly reduces the likelihood of a checkpoint.
  3. If you plan to use a special software such as Dolphin to upload them via tokens, we recommend warming up the accounts at least a few minutes to several hours beforehand by simply logging in through a browser mode on the Facebook feed (through anti-detection browsers or ZennoPoster using cookie profiles). There may be problems with using Dolphin, and the store is not responsible for this.