Facebook accounts with passed ads ban for sale

Facebook is the most popular social network that attracts advertisers with a two-billion audience. However, it is known for its strict approach to publishing ads and a habit of banning users at any suspicion. One user can only register one account from their computer, communicate with it, create and promote communities, and post ads. But no one is immune to sudden blocking. If you want to use all the marketing opportunities of Facebook, the only way is to visit the HQ-ACCOUNTS.COM account store.

Why new facebook accounts are necessary?

There are many reasons why the largest social network on the planet can block users: for "unusual" activity, violation of advertising rules, constant spamming, and much more. And this is only about one account, and several are needed for productive work.

At the same time, the rules of the Facebook social network are very simple: one user on one computer can create only one personal profile. Everything else is a violation of the terms. If it is necessary to use multiple accounts for advertising activities, it is necessary to hide from the administration of the social network the belonging of cabinets and accounts to one owner.

Why buy facebook accounts for advertising, not create them yourself?

Since Facebook uses a digital snapshot of the system, even if it is possible to register a second account from a computer, for example, using a proxy server, the profile will still be quickly blocked. You can try to use multi-browsers, dedicated servers, create and develop an account as smoothly and naturally as possible. But in these cases, the advertising specialist will be engaged not in direct responsibilities and earnings but will spend time on unnecessary, routine, and non-profile activities. Therefore, a more rational and practical solution is to buy ready-made accounts at the HQ-ACCOUNTS.COM store.

Why is it beneficial to buy FB accounts:

  • if a personal account is blocked, but it is necessary to launch an advertising project;
  • for testing to exclude possible commercial and marketing risks;
  • to get a large amount of traffic with the connection of mass-liking, mass-following, posting, and mailing;
  • to save time and effort on self-registration and promotion of accounts.

If you buy a lot of accounts, from 500 pieces, then write us. We will provide individual conditions for you.

Before making a purchase, carefully read the product description and make sure it is exactly what you were looking for. Read our rules and recommendations. Also, study our rules and recommendations. Don't forget to use high-quality proxies.