GMail Accounts for Sale

Google is not only a search engine and a functional browser. Their email service is also very popular. The reason for its widespread use is the high level of data security, the availability of two-factor authentication, and the ability to synchronize between multiple devices. In addition, many people use Gmail specifically for automatic registration on a variety of services. And some have turned the resource into a tool for making money.

We offer a wide selection of Google mail services. You can use them for personal purposes as a backup email, as well as for professional and commercial activities. With us, you will always find the best price and a large assortment of fully functional accounts.

All well-known advertising platforms closely monitor the activities of their clients, and Google is no exception. Before publishing any ad, it is first sent for moderation, and the chances of passing it successfully are higher for old accounts. Therefore, many businessmen try to purchase ready-made Gmail profiles with a long registration date.

Important: Any Gmail account can request verification through SMS. This is considered normal. You can verify the account using your number or SMS-activation services.

Buy GMail Email Accounts

First of all, buying a Gmail account is necessary in order to save time on registration and profile warming up, and to immediately move on to advertising activities. New accounts are unsafe in this case. Even if the work is done with clean profiles, the service may consider them suspicious and block them. Therefore, more and more people who engage in professional activities online try to buy a ready-made Gmail mailbox. There may be several reasons for this:

  • For easier and faster moderation passage.
  • To bypass limits on the number of ads. The system has restrictions on the number of mailings. Several profiles can help bypass them.
  • To receive gift certificates that can be used to pay for services.
  • To save time on registration and email promotion.

Google needs to understand who is using its services. To do this, it tracks the data of subscribers. However, for launching an effective and productive marketing campaign online, it is necessary to have a popular profile, so many businessmen purchase old Gmail mailboxes.

In addition, the service does not disclose the algorithms for checking advertising placements. This means that even with an old email, publications can be blocked. For this reason, experienced arbitrageurs always try to purchase several Gmail accounts, which will be an excellent backup.

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