Invitation Facebook Business Manager Europe | BM Verified. Verification Cancellation Guarantee | Addeed BM + Ads Campaign | Daily limit BM $250, Daily limit Ads Campaign $50. Currency $ | Verified by email. Email is in set | Added 2 links | No marketplace | European Geo

2 pcs
Price per 1 pcs 28.74 $


  • Invitation to BM. Not an account.
  • Created Advertising Account (Currency $) + 2 Links.
  • BM limit is $250 per day. Advertising Account limit (RK) is $50 per day.
  • Verification was performed on BM through real documents of EUROPEAN companies using HTTPS sites. BM will work with the Whatsapp API, applications and other functions that require verification.
  • Verification cancellation guarantee 5 days from the date of sale.
  • Geo Europe.
  • Advertising account created (Currency $) + 2 Links.
  • Includes 2 links and BM ID. Admin access.
  • Fan-Page is added and ready to work.
  • No marketplace.

Purchase Format:

  • link1:link2

Product warranty (Product replacement):

- In case there are problems with access.
- In case BM was banned before purchase.
- If the BM is not verified, or verification was canceled before purchase.
- If verification is canceled for any reason within 5 days after purchase.

No Warranty (No Replacement):

- If BM is banned after any actions. Logging in, linking a card, sending documents, running ads, activating the API, linking an application, etc.
- If the BM verification was canceled after any action.
- If BM is banned due to inaction the next day (Guarantee until the end of the day). No claims will be accepted in this case.
- If the pixel does not move or new accounts are not created or added. In this case, you need to shed further.
- If an error occurs when linking a card, or FB cannot hold funds on the card to confirm it. You need to try again, or use a different card.
- If API activation, application binding or any other actions require confirmation through documents. Neither documents nor replacements are provided in this case.

Attention: Before the first billing is paid, the daily RK spread may differ from the BM limit.

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