Facebook Accounts King Poland | Farm 10 days. Farm interests. Advertising in the feed | Currency - Polish zloty | Verified by email. Email is in set | Access token (EAAB), Useragent and Cookies is in set | Profile is completely filled | Added 0-4 Fan-pages | Added 0-50 friends | Registered with real devices and PL IP

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  • Facebook King account registered with real devices and mobile Poland IP. 1 account - 1 IP.
  • Verified by email, email is in set. Email access https://firstmail.ltd/
  • Farm 10 days. Farm interests. Advertising in the feed.
  • 0-4 Fan-pages is added.
  • Currency - Polish zloty.
  • Profile filled.
  • Added 0-50 friends.
  • Access token (EAAB), Useragent and Cookies (Json) included.
  • Selfie photo is in set.

We recommend logging in facebok account only with a cookies and Poland private IP. otherwise there is noreplacements or refunds in this case.

Format of accounts:

  • Login ; Password | Email ; Password | Name | FB_ID | Date_of_birth | Access token | Cookies | UserAgent | Photo_for_selfie


Account validity is verified using profile id (https://www.facebook.com/ID)

Example https://www.facebook.com/10004275343115

After you log in, there is no replacement.

If you are logged into your account and there is either a check or a ban, then this may be caused by your login, or your other actions or bad proxies. These accounts are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. After you log in to your account, there is no replacement.

How can you use accounts with cookies: Cookie.

Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.

Use private proxy!

To get started, buy 1-2 accounts for testing to make sure they are good for you.