TikTok ads Accounts Brazil | POSTPAY | Suitable for antidetect browser dolphin. Email is in set | Country of registration of cabinets is Brazil, excluding VAT

10 pcs
Price per 1 pcs 1.83 $


  • Accounts for advertising TikTok ADS
  • Manual registration. WEB version.
  • Email included.
  • Account payment form: POSTPAY (EUR).
  • Account geo: Brazil, excluding VAT.
  • Manual setting. Login to the account is carried out with a browser antidetect and an IPv4 proxy.

Suitable for dolphin Browser.

Login link: http://ads.tiktok.com

Format of accounts:

  • Mail_login:Password:Tt_password:Second_email

We recommend logging into your account using your login and password, after loading the cookie and user agent into the antidetect browser.

Use ipv4 or LTE proxy for geo account.

In the case of logging into your account via vpn, a replacement is not provided.

How to log into your account bypassing SMS verification:

Login/password here - https://ads.tiktok.com/marketing_api/docs

Then you can go to https://business.tiktok.com/

Before buying, read our rules and recommendations.

To get started, buy few TT accounts for testing to make sure they are good for you.

- How can you use accounts with cookies: Cookie.