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HQ-ACCOUNTS.COM is a marketplace that offers social network and email accounts for sale. We value each customer and offer the best prices and personalized approach.
We always take into account the wishes of each customer and strive to constantly expand the catalog assortment with new accounts that are suitable for commercial, advertising, or blogging activities. Our store strives to build trusting relationships. Therefore, many of our customers believe that the most reasonable and practical solution is to cooperate with our store HQ-ACCOUNTS.COM rather than registering and promoting accounts independently or buying ready-made solutions in questionable places. Additionally, you will not only find a large quantity of high-quality and verified accounts, but also the most affordable prices with us.
Our store will become a reliable assistant that will allow you to save not only time but also effort. After all, to create truly high-quality accounts, you have to create a huge number of email addresses, use many phones, and use services for registration and confirmation. In addition, this issue cannot be resolved without addressing other issues, such as:

  • constant search and use of proxies;
  • tracking all changes in registration conditions;
  • compliance with time intervals and limits on certain actions that allow
  • controlling user activity, keeping in mind that each social network and
  • email service has its own rules of use;
  • and many other nuances.

With extensive experience in account registration, we have selected the best and highest quality proxies for each service, as well as properly configured private software for creating new accounts. Our highly qualified specialists constantly implement the most innovative solutions in the field of profile registration, maintain programs for registration in a fully functional and up-to-date state.

Thanks to our team's responsible approach, you can visit our official website at any convenient time and purchase high-quality social media and email accounts in any necessary volumes and with a variety of different characteristics: registration date, geographic location, profile completeness, gender, and many other parameters.

We sell only high-quality accounts for all popular social networks and email services. The range of positions in our online store is constantly expanding, allowing you to choose an option that suits specific preferences and tasks:

  • new or "aged";
  • empty or filled: with information, photos, stories;
  • promoted accounts: with the required number of followers;
  • profiles with confirmed registration;
  • male and female;
  • by region: USA, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, UK, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and other countries.

We always have the following accounts available for purchase:

  • Instagram;
  • Facebook, Facebook BM, Facebook Ads, Facebook promoted, Facebook with friends, Facebook aged;
  • Twitter;
  • Tik-Tok;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Email services: Gmail, Rambler,, Yahoo, Gmx;
  • And others.

Why it is beneficial to cooperate with us

HQ-ACCOUNTS.COM is an online accounts marketplace that values every customer. Therefore, it offers the most advantageous terms of cooperation:

  • Instant access to accounts right after payment;
  • The possibility to save time and effort on registration and promotion of personal, professional or advertising profiles;
  • Detailed information on the presented accounts;
  • The opportunity to buy already promoted pages with a large number of friends, history and reputation;
  • Quality assurance and impeccable performance of all accounts presented in the HQ-ACCOUNTS.COM catalog.

How to make a purchase:

Select the item you are interested in (by clicking on the item, a detailed description will open, and our store highly recommends reading it before making a purchase to the end), click the orange "Buy" button on the right, choose a convenient payment method, then the desired quantity, enter your email. After a successful transaction, the system will offer you to return to the store and download the product. If you have any questions or difficulties, please write a ticket, we will help!


It is prohibited to distribute any information related to the propaganda of war, incitement of racial, national, or religious hatred and enmity. The prohibition applies to any other information for the dissemination of which criminal or administrative responsibility is provided. It is forbidden to use accounts for carding, fraud, and any other actions contrary to the Criminal Code.

Responsibility for any actions taken on purchased accounts after purchase and access to them lies solely with the buyer. Do not break the law!
We do not hack anyone, do not influence other people's accounts and their owners, and do not provide such services (and do not know who does). The store operates strictly in accordance with the legislation of Criminal Code: it purchases information access services, sorts them by requested criteria for further resale, without assuming responsibility for the content of information, warning that in case of destruction, blocking, modification, or copying of data, liability may arise.

Dear friends, we remind you that our store does not violate any laws and the rights of third parties. All the goods we offer do not belong to third parties. If you have any questions, write to us, and we will provide all explanations about the origin of goods. We respect the law and advise you to act strictly in accordance with the Criminal Code.


We will be grateful for the honest feedback about our work!

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Have a nice shopping!